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NexGard Spectra – 3 Chewables for Dogs 3.6 – 7.5 kg.

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Easy to give
NEXGARD SPECTRA® is a tasty beef-flavoured chew that dogs love – 100% of owners surveyed said it was well received by their dog!

Easy to remember
Forget sprays, tick collars, or separate monthly or 3-monthly tablets for parasite protection. Just one chew, once a month protects against fleas, ticks, heartworm and worms!

Makes life easy!
Give with or without food, whichever is most convenient. Unlike some sprays, spot-on formulations or collars, NEXGARD SPECTRA is not affected by bathing or swimming.

You choose
Available in handy 3-month and 6-month protection packs.


Kills fleas fast, within 6 to 8 hours
Rapid action kills newly acquired fleas before they can lay eggs


Provides effective control of pre-existing Paralysis ticks within 24 hours
Protects all month long against Paralysis ticks, Bush ticks and Brown Dog ticks


Prevents heartworm disease
Next time your dog is due for their heartworm preventative, you can now simplify your parasite control with just one chew


Treats and controls common

Intestinal worms – roundworm, hookworm and whipworm
Regular deworming keeps your dog healthy and helps protect your family from zoonotic worms


How does NEXGARD SPECTRA differ from NEXGARD?
NEXGARD contains the active ingredient afoxolaner which has been proven to kill both fleas and ticks and to protect your dog for a whole month.

Like NEXGARD, NEXGARD SPECTRA contains afoxolaner, providing the same excellent level of protection against fleas and ticks. Additionally,

NEXGARD SPECTRA contains the active ingredient milbemycin oxime, which provides protection against heartworm and intestinal worms, making it the most complete protection against fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms in just one tasty chew.

How long does NEXGARD SPECTRA protect my dog from fleas and ticks?
NEXGARD SPECTRA will protect your dog from fleas and the most problematic tick species infesting dogs in Australia (Brown Dog tick, Bush tick and the deadly Paralysis tick) for a full month.

How does NEXGARD SPECTRA kill fleas?
NEXGARD SPECTRA kills fleas by over-stimulating their nervous system resulting in hyperexcitation and death. Following administration, fleas are killed within 6–8 hours. The rapid onset of action kills newly acquired fleas before they can lay eggs. Monthly use is recommended to combat reinfestation and prevent further contamination of the environment with eggs

Why may I see more fleas on my pet after administering NEXGARD SPECTRA?
As NEXGARD SPECTRA over-stimulates the flea’s nervous system resulting in hyper-excitation, you may see fleas rise to the top of your dog’s coat and appear more visible as they die.

Is NEXGARD SPECTRA effective when heavy flea infestations exist?
Yes, NEXGARD SPECTRA kills fleas rapidly before they lay eggs, therefore preventing further infestation of the environment. If a moderate to heavy environmental infestation exists, fleas can continue to emerge into the surroundings for weeks to months because of the continuing development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae already present at the time of treatment, a phenomenon known as ‘re-emergence’. It may therefore take more than one monthly treatment to achieve control of moderate to heavy flea infestations.

In areas where fleas are common year-round, monthly treatment with NEXGARD SPECTRA should continue throughout the year without interruption. To minimise the likelihood of flea re-infestation, it is important to treat all animals within a household with an approved flea control product.

Which species of tick does NEXGARD SPECTRA kill?
NEXGARD SPECTRA is highly effective at killing the most problematic tick species infesting dogs in Australia – Brown Dog tick, Bush tick and the deadly Paralysis tick.

What kind of dogs can NEXGARD SPECTRA be given to?
NEXGARD SPECTRA can be given to puppies from just 8 weeks of age, providing they weigh at least 2 kg.

NEXGARD SPECTRA was well tolerated in field studies in over 100 different pure breeds and a wide range of cross breeds, including Collies and Shepherd breeds, which have been shown to be particularly sensitive to some drugs due to mutations in their ABCB1 (MDR1) genes.

Afoxolaner, one of the two active ingredients in NEXGARD SPECTRA, is part of the isoxazoline family of chemicals. Adverse reactions to this family of chemicals are rarely observed but may include vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, inappetence (loss of appetite), itching and very rarely, seizures. Most adverse reactions are self-limiting and of short duration.

Use with caution in dogs with a history of epilepsy or any other seizure disorder.

If you have any concerns, please speak to your veterinarian.

My dog is less than 2 kg, can I use NEXGARD SPECTRA?
No. The use of NEXGARD SPECTRA in dogs under 2 kg, or less than 8 weeks of age, has not been evaluated.

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