About us

In 1989 Malcolm and Doris moved to Gatton from Far North Queensland and purchased their property. Initially farming vegetables, they decided to try their luck with Lucerne and shortly after they purchased a chaff cutter to supply chaff to their existing customers.

From here, the business expanded. From selling hay & chaff to local farmers and a few local customers, their client base soon grew. They started delivering hay & chaff locally and before they knew it, they had orders for hay from all areas across the East Coast, Central & Far North QLD.

Due to the low pricing, it didn’t take long for customers to start enquiring about other animal supplies. From there, Malcolm and Doris decided to extend the business to start supplying grain and hard feed, only stocking a small number of lines. The demand for all animal supplies grew rapidly however and before we knew it, they were building another shed to make room to stock all supplies such as vet lines, fencing, saddlery, birds and garden supplies.

Cottone’s Discount Feed Shed now stock hundreds of lines of animal supplies and numerous suppliers of hay and chaff. Starting off with only a handful of local customers, we now proudly supply produce and all animal supplies to thousands of customers.

We are now onto our next adventure – having an online produce store. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our existing loyal customers for their support and we look forward to providing our discounted prices to even more people now online.

The Cottone’s Team!

Malcolm, Doris, Marcus, Paul, Wade, Brenten, Magellan, Ayden, Alex and Norman.

A piece of history...